General Data: Locality description, dialect classification, sound system, informants, fieldworkers
On the outskirts (Marta Ivaylova, 28.09.2012)
About the locality:
The village is known since 1806–1814 as a locality with Bulgarian population under the names Gratia or Sârbii ot Gratia (Roman, L. 1984: 143). At the end of the nineteenth century residents were described as “Serbs” making a living in market gardening. Their houses were old but solid. They adhered to their traditional way of life and stood aloof from the surrounding Romanian population (Antonescu-Remuşi, P. S. 1890: 106, 180; Lahovari, G. I., C. I. Bratianu, G. Tocilescu 1898-1902 3: 241, 624). During his visit at the beginning of the twentieth century however S. Romanski observed the existence of mixed marriages (Младенов, М. С. 1993: 36). G. Weigand visited the village in 1898 and established that its population was partly Bulgarian whereas the population of the neighbouring Sârbi de Gratia was entirely Bulgarian (Weigand, G. 1900: 118). He later included it in his atlas as a locality with Bulgarian population (Weigand, G. 1909: Map 67).
More about the locality:
Младенов, М. С. 1993: 35-36
Drăghinéşti, Teléorman,
44.432° N, 25.421° E
Other names:
Gratia, Гратия, Sârbii ot Gratia, Сърби от Гратия
Dialect type:
Bjala-Slatina (Western)
This dialect is spoken in:
Bíla, Băléni-Sấrbi, Calomfiréşti, Corlătéşti, Drăghinéşti, Licuríciu, Púntea de Gréci, Spătăréi, Stoenéşti, Târgóvişte, Udéni
See also:
Sound system according to IPA
Anghelina Achim (62, f) has not gone to school
Costandin Luca (72, m) four classes
Maxim Sl. Mladenov (1930-1992)
Cristian Ionescu (1943-)
Dialect Texts: Transcriptions (to be uploaded) and audio of the original recordings made on 05.06.1975
0.1.Date, locality [307]
1.1.Introduction of the informant; family background and education [1110]
Аbout informants
1.2.Agriculture; work in the field [879]
1.3.Domestic animals [803]
Domestic animals
1.4.Cultivating tobacco and grapes [1053]
Cultivating plants
1.5.Introduction of the informant; education and family background [991]
Аbout informants
2.1.Wedding rituals [1239]
2.2.Funeral rituals [1071]
2.3.Fasting [1080]
2.4.Poultry [898]
Domestic animals
2.5.Weaving and parts of the loom [1265]
2.6.A personal story [729]
Oral history
2.7.Forest [777]
2.8.Cart terminology [921]
2.9.Pickles [1261]
2.10.What will you be doing tomorrow? [913]
2.11.Bulgarian population in the surrounding villages [751]

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