General Data: Locality description, dialect classification, sound system, informants, fieldworkers
Rosina and Maria (Marta Ivaylova, 29.09.2012)
About the locality:
The village maintains close relations with the neighbouring Bulgarian village Coteana. It is believed to have been already in place in 1825. The 1838 registry of the population records the presence of 42 “Serbian” families (Velichi, C. N. 1965: 113). At the end of the 19th century the population was 865, almost all of them Bulgarian (Alessandrescu, C., I. G. Sfinţescu 1895: 30–31; Lahovari, G. I., C. I. Bratianu, G. Tocilescu 1898-1902, 1: 64). Weigand visited the village in 1898 and later included it in his atlas as a locality with Bulgarian population (Weigand, G. 1900: 118; Weigand, G. 1909: Map 67). During his 1908 visit Stojan Romanski found in the village about 190 Bulgarian households. Old people among the locals claimed during the 1968 fieldwork session that the village was founded at the beginning of the 18th century and mentioned connections with a village Sirokova in Bulgaria (presumably identical with the contemporary Sirakovo, Bjala-Slatina Region). Closer contacts with the neighbouring Romanian population date from around 1940.
More about the locality:
Младенов, М. С. 1993: 33-34
Brebéni-Sấrbi, Ólt,
44.366° N, 24.45° E
Dialect type:
Cibrica-Ogosta (Western)
This dialect is spoken in:
Brebéni-Sấrbi, Băiléşti, Caravanéţi, Coteána, Târnáva
See also:
Sound system according to IPA
Krâsto Naiden Rado (67, m) five classes
Stojko Stojkov (1912-1969)
Maxim Sl. Mladenov (1930-1992)
Gheorghe Bolocan (1925-2000)
Dialect Texts: Transcriptions and audio of the original recordings made on 25.10.1968
0.1.Date, locality, fieldworkers [714]
1.1.Introduction of the informant and family background [346]
Аbout informants
1.2.Occupation of the informant: agriculture [450]
1.3.Cultivation and processing of wheat [234]
1.4.Cultivation and processing of hemp [143]
Cultivating plants
2.1.Viticulture and wine making [653]
2.2.Distillation of brandy [167]
2.3.Fruit [219]
2.4.The plough and its parts [594]
2.5.The cart and its parts [572]
Transcribed by Maxim Sl. Mladenov.
Transcription digitalized by Marta Ivajlova.
Collated with the handwritten transcription by Ivan Radev and Olga M. Mladenova.
Collated with the recording by Marta Ivajlova.
Romanian glosses:
Thematic index: Ivan Radev and Olga Mladenova.
Final checkup: Olga M. Mladenova.
Digitalization of recording: Information Technologies, University of Calgary.
Initial audio file management: Marina Mikhaylova.
Subsequent audio file management: Stefan Stoykov.

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