General Data: Locality description, dialect classification, sound system, informants, fieldworkers
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About the locality:
Bulgarian settlers came to the village in two waves (in 1806–1814 and 1828–1834) from Orjahovo Region or, according to another source, Pleven Region (Roman, L. 1984: 139; Младенов, М., Б. Нягулов, Н. Жечев 1994: 247). The 1838 registry of the population records the presence of 51 “Serbian” families (Velichi, C. N. 1965: 71, 113; Младенов, М. С. 1993: 23). It is pointed out at the end of the nineteenth century that the village had 1078 residents, predominantly Bulgarian (Lahovari, G. I., C. I. Bratianu, G. Tocilescu 1898-1902, 2: 194–195; Велики, К. Н., В. Трайков 1980: 276). Some Bulgarian families had moved away to Principele Ferdinand. During his 1908 visit, S. Romanski found here approximately 120 Bulgarian families and established that the dialect was of western Bulgarian type (Романски, С. 1914: 24). The village was included in G. Weigand’s atlas as a locality with Bulgarian population (Weigand, G. 1909: Map 67). In 1975 approximately 200 families resided in the village but Bulgarian was spoken very rarely and only by the most elderly.
More about the locality:
Младенов, М. С. 1993: 38
Caravanéţi, Teléorman,
43.967° N, 24.883° E
Dialect type:
Cibrica-Ogosta (Western)
This dialect is spoken in:
Brebéni-Sấrbi, Băiléşti, Caravanéţi, Coteána, Târnáva
See also:
Sound system according to IPA
Neşu I. Voicu (74, m) four classes
Maxim Sl. Mladenov (1930-1992)
Cristian Ionescu (1943-)
Dialect Texts: Transcriptions (to be uploaded) and audio of the original recordings made on 06.06.1975
0.1.Date, locality, fieldworkers [804]
1.1.Introduction of the informant; education [821]
Аbout informants
1.2.Year-round work in the field [1272]
1.3.About the informant’s family [1270]
1.4.Kinds of crops [889]
1.5.On language [063]
1.6.The beginning of a story about a horse [407]

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